Ring of Fire

Hey guys!
My post today will be based on the zero to hero challenge.

The first time I ever tried real spicy food was when I got to Malaysia, and it wasn’t pretty!

Immediately after tasting spicy food I drank so much water, coughed, shed a few tears, and basically ended up with my hair looking like it got stuck in a fan, and I had a more stressed out look on my face than Gordon Ramsay on an episode of kitchen nightmares!

It basically took me a while before I even dared to put chilli sauce in anything, but now I’m completely hooked to spicy food and I’m convinced that anything without it tastes bland!

I’m thankful for Malaysia in that regard as I was forced to learn how to deal with spicy food, otherwise I would’ve never eaten out or learnt just how much I love spicy food!

My Dream Reader

Hey guys!
Today’s post will be on the 101 challenge which is on ‘my dream reader’.

I would have to say my dream reader is my mum. My mum has always been supportive of new experiences, new ideas, and all things new, while I’ve always been the exact opposite!

She’s always been worried about whether I would find my voice, take risks, and generally live my life.
Although I tell her of my experiences, I can’t wait for her to view this blog, and see all my experiences, and see that I’m finally trying new things and indeed living my life.

She’ll probably take a screenshot of each post, print them out, frame them and hang them around the house!

For the day you get to see this… This is for you mum!

Why I started this blog

Hey guys!
Today’s post will be about why I chose to start blogging.

I had thought of blogging for quite sometime, but I wasn’t sure about what I would blog about, but I decided I’d start a blog anyway. Around February I started exploring a little more, I started travelling a little more, sometimes with a group of friends but most times on my own.

To most people that’s pretty standard, but I’ve been a pretty closed up person for a long time, the idea of stepping out of my routine of university classes and home terrified me, sent me into a panic, and for some reason made me feel incredibly guilty. But then I read a quote which I believe is by Muhammad Ali:

“A man who views the world at 50 the same way he did at 20, will have wasted 30 years of his life.”

That quote made me realize that if I continue to stick to routine I’ll be the person that will have wasted those years of my life. Routine is definitely comfortable but if there’s anything I’ve learnt this year it’s that exploring and trying new things, even the smallest of things really do bring happiness.

The goal of starting this blog was to share my experiences with others and hopefully inspire people to go out and step out of their routine.
I invite you to view the universe with me.

Zero to Hero

Hey guys!
I signed up for the zero to hero blogging 101 challenge with the daily post!
I started this blog to document my journey. Literally. Travel, health, and others that I’ll be sharing with you on this blog, instead of a personal journal I decided to blog so as to share my experiences with everyone, as well as get feedback on ways that I can improve on my writing and photography as I intend to do these long term.
If I blog successfully throughout the year, I hope to become a better blogger,photographer, as well as a better writer. I also hope that I’ll have a bigger audience that understands and appreciates my work.