Sun and Sand in Langkawi

Right after feeding the monkeys you get to see the crocodile and bat caves. The crocodile cave is small, it’ll only take about two minutes to see it and you only get to pass through it on the boat.


There are no actual crocodiles in the crocodile cave, the story behind it is that a fisherman was rowing his boat along the river when he saw what appeared to be a crocodile. He ran back to the village saying he had seen a crocodile, when the villagers went to the river to confirm what he saw, it turned out that the water current was low and the ‘crocodile’ he thought he saw was actually just a rock. That’s how it got its name.

After the crocodile cave the next stop is the fish farm! .Most of the fish weren’t hungry so we couldn’t see them and I couldn’t take pictures. But I managed to get pictures of the most exciting ones; the blow fish, and helicopter fish.


Next stop is the bat caves. You’re not allowed to use the flash on your camera, so they’ll use a flashlight to point at the bats and you can take pictures from there.


There are monkeys all over the cave that like to take your bags and just about anything you have. You can either leave them on the boat or hold on tight!  I spotted this little one giving a massage!


Finally, after all that walking, you get to relax and go to the beach for about 30 minutes, I liked that it had very few people and the weather was great!



14 thoughts on “Sun and Sand in Langkawi

  1. I went to Langkawi for the first time last year and loved it – have yet to blog about my experiences, however!


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