Pulau Langkawi

I got to go to Langkawi for three days! Its a beautiful island in Northwest Malaysia.

I got there on Monday evening and didn’t get to do much. I would recommend staying in Pantai Chenang as its right in front of the beach, its the largest beach in Langkawi you can jet ski, parasail and there are tonnes of hotels at a cheap price (about $30 or less a night), its close to the airport, easily accessible to restaurants and tour companies.


The view from the hotel balcony

I would recommend using a tour company, without them you’ll have to get around using cabs (which will be expensive) as there are no trains or buses. For two days, they charge around $40 for a Β tour of Langkawi’s most iconic landmarks.

First stop, is taking a boat to feed the fishes! They give you a few slices of bread and you have about five minutes to feed them.


Next is feeding the monkeys, they usually swim to catch crabs but you get to feed them with a few slices of bread.



We got to watch the eagles afterwards. The quality of these pictures aren’t great, there were many tourists and the eagles flew too fast!


If you’ve been to Langkawi share your comments below!

P.S: I’ll post more on Langkawi in my next post.


19 thoughts on “Pulau Langkawi

  1. Wow, it looks like a great place to visit, and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. Since this was my first stop at your page, I hit the follow button, and I’ll be back to see what you get up to in your next post. Until then, stay healthy and happy, and I’ll read you later.


      1. I don’t see a contact page but maybe it’s just because I am on my phone. Can you send me an email? I’m in KL now, will be around here for a bit meeting up with some of my local friends I haven’t seen since my last trip…


  2. “Travel is a sure antidote to prejudice and small-mindedness” –Mark Twain (admittedly paraphrased).
    Lovely pictures, it seems like you’re getting the most out of your travels. Bravo! Can’t wait to see where you end up next.


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