Street Art in Penang

I was in the historic state of Penang over the weekend and discovered just how magnificent this island really was! The first place you definitely want to see in Penang is Georgetown.

Georgetown is the most historic place in Penang, and is known for its street art all around buildings in the town that reflect its history. You have to go looking around for all the different art as some of it is hidden between buildings or disguised as something else.

This piece of art shows post-colonial Penang when shops were built at the seafront.




Penang had one of the first fire stations in the country, it was built in the early 1900’s. Back then police officers were firefighters as well!




The art below shows how Indian Tamil migrants would sell food around the town with a wooden stick on their shoulders balancing containers with the dishes they were selling.




They almost had me with this one! It looked like part of the wall from far.


 You cant see it so clearly in this picture, but the pipe from the building is the trunk of this little jumbo.



 But of course it wouldn’t be street art if there was no graffiti!



The long queue of people waiting to take pictures with different art on walls, this was actually a short line compared to some of the others!





I still have lots of other pictures I want to share from Penang, I’ll put them up on my next post.



16 thoughts on “Street Art in Penang

  1. Penang was one of the cities my husband and I visited for our honeymoon in Malaysia. I wish I had seen the art too:). But I still loved the place- very picturesque and serene.


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