Chili Chocolate?

I went to the Malaysia Tourism Centre where the cocoa boutique is located.



I’ve never seen so much chocolate in one place before!


They had interesting varieties like red chili and curry chocolate. When they say red chili they mean business!-It was almost like eating raw chili!


There’s a glass case display of moulded chocolate. There were so many kids trying to break the glass!



Visit the chocolate boutique and try all the chocolate you can!



10 thoughts on “Chili Chocolate?

  1. I LOVE spicy chocolate. I’ve been adding hot spices to my chocolate for like a decade. Maybe my buried down Native American roots?? You are speaking my language with this post. Yummmm.


  2. Whenever I make hot chocolate, I put in vanilla extract (optional), cinnamon, chili powder, and a pinch of Cayenne pepper.
    If you want heat without real flavor crushed red pepper flakes or Cayenne are good to add to things. Other peppers have their own unique flavors. So, sweet stuff goes well with Cayenne. But Chile powder is sweet on its own and goes nicely with the Cinnamon. Really good Mexican Cinnamon has some heat to it, but alas, I don’t have fancy Cinnamon… I find spicy chocolate kind of sexy πŸ™‚

    What about adding salt to chocolate things? Have you ever experimented with that?


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