Setia Walk

Hey guys! I got to go to Setia Walk in Puchong and loved the place!

Setia Walk is divided into two… One side has a part with mostly food outlets and the main mall which is… Well, your typical mall.

The place has these little water streams everywhere which makes it feel serene!


I had lunch there for a friend’s birthday at Brussels Cafe and definitely had to sit outside next to the little streams of water.


Check out the sunset I got to see!:-) I’ve used this picture as part of my new header as well!


It’s even more amazing at night! Definitely more beautiful, and very lively!:-)


Visit Setia Walk and let me know how it was!:-):-)


25 thoughts on “Setia Walk

    1. The stores are on the other side of the mall which will take you a minute to walk there.:-) The side that I took these pictures mostly has eateries and food outlets.:-)
      Oh we had potato wedges and pork bits!:-)
      Warning: halfway along eating those wedges you’ll get so full, breathing will be a struggle!

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    1. Haha the chips were definitely the highlight of the place! I’m not sure if this place is in other countries but it’s called Brussels Beer Cafe, all their food is amazing!:-)


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