Ring of Fire

Hey guys!
My post today will be based on the zero to hero challenge.

The first time I ever tried real spicy food was when I got to Malaysia, and it wasn’t pretty!

Immediately after tasting spicy food I drank so much water, coughed, shed a few tears, and basically ended up with my hair looking like it got stuck in a fan, and I had a more stressed out look on my face than Gordon Ramsay on an episode of kitchen nightmares!

It basically took me a while before I even dared to put chilli sauce in anything, but now I’m completely hooked to spicy food and I’m convinced that anything without it tastes bland!

I’m thankful for Malaysia in that regard as I was forced to learn how to deal with spicy food, otherwise I would’ve never eaten out or learnt just how much I love spicy food!


23 thoughts on “Ring of Fire

  1. Reminds me of my job interview for Korea one of the first questions was “do like spicy food?”…Luckily I do and only found one thing to be far too spicy for me to eat (Tteokbokki).


      1. No! I couldn’t handle it, but to be fair my students could barely handle it, they’d come to class sweating and shaking from trying.


  2. Lol – I love how you describe yourself after eating the Malaysian food! I am like you – I stayed away from it when younger, but I have slowly built up courage over the years to tip-toe into it and now I am hooked on Wasabi!!!

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  3. I like spicy food! I remember eating homemade spicy papaya salad in Thailand and having to eat so much rice and drink so much water just to contain the burning on my tongue. 😛 I think it becomes addicting when you get the hang of it. 😛


  4. Yes i experienced that at the kuala lumpar airport hotel. Our flight to singapore was delayed so we had free accommodation that night which included dinner. The dining room was lovely and all tables had jugs of cold water with ice bobbing up and down in them. We ordered spicy chicken, the waiter said are you sure? not realising what he men`t we said yeah! yeah! bring it on, no prob! When the food arrived is was deceiving because it had no apparent colour of red to indicate chilli`s etc… After the first mouth full we realised why the water was there. I`ve NEVER experienced food as hot as that since. The strangest thing though, the next morning i was fine [you know what i mean].


    1. Hahaha at “bring it on! No prob!” I know what you mean about the food being deceiving… You have no idea that your about to experience hell for a few minutes once you start eating!


  5. your story reminds me of the first time I tried Thai food. I’ve never been a big fan of spicy food, so I asked for something ‘mild’, ‘no pepper’. No problem they said. When they brought out my dinner and I chomped into it, I about choked on it. WOW!
    It’s nice to hear you can learn to enjoy that kind of food. I haven’t progressed that far (yet).


  6. Where in Malaysia did you travel? I did a Contiki.com tour through Europe (European Winter Magic) and it was incredible!! Thinking my next big trip will be Thailand/Asia… is it a must to try alllllll of the spicy food in Asia (afterall YOLO?? not that i subscribe to that theory)


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