Tea at TWG!

Hey guys! I got to go to TWG in Sunway pyramid during the week and thought I’d share it with you!

TWG is a pretty new place in sunway pyramid, and I hadn’t heard of it before this, but I think it’s at a great location!


I really liked the lighting of the place, it was warm, and it was a nice break from the same old bright lights.

The menu is pretty extensive, you’ll probably need a few minutes to decide what you want. But they give you a chance to get a feel of the aroma of the tea leaves so you know exactly what you’re ordering. Take your time though as some of the tea may have bits like strawberries and peaches.

The place is a little pricey in comparison to most places, but then again it’s not every place you get to go to and sample all this.

I had Turkish tea, it took a lot for me not to order Kenyan tea! When you order the tea you can opt to have it with milk or just as plain black tea.

You can also order one of the pastries to go with the tea.
I had the chocolate croissant, but I thought it had too much chocolate (I never thought I would be saying those words!) so I had the plain one instead and it was really good.

You get a teapot and you could probably get about 4 cups from that to fit into the cups in the picture above.
The tea and croissant were pretty filling so it was worth RM56 (about USD 23) for two!

Try it out and tell me how it was!


24 thoughts on “Tea at TWG!

  1. A very interesting perspective, I really like it. Can you tell me where you are? As a fellow blogger, I’m having a great time connecting with bloggers from places I don’t, or haven’t lived. Keep it up.


  2. I am actually wondering where this place is…it looks like a cool place to go to (and expensive too. lol)
    and please follow my blog on http//vivacious7.wordpress.com Thanks!!


      1. The Philippines 🙂
        I never tried eating here yet but I’ve seen it a lot of times. Maybe I should visit sometime soon 😉


  3. I have enjoyed visiting your blog. I really like the tea shop & the look is great. Thanks for tips on tea w/o milk & plain croissant. You’re photos are wonderful. I’m glad you liked my post.


  4. What a great place to visit and have relaxing tea and little tea cakes. And yes milk or anything in tea spoils the flavor, I like Earl Grey, hot tea the best, but like English Breakfast also. I am looking forward to more posts from you as getting to Malaysia may not be in the cards for me anytime soon, unless we figure how to make our Motorhome float!


  5. While I’ve traveled many places for many years, I’ve never made it to Malaysia. This extravagant tea shop certainly calls, however. I’m a tea drinker and my first cup of Irish Breakfast in the morning (with milk of course) is my wake up time. But afternoon tea…what a treat. The only place comparable I found to this was in London at high tea. That was memorable!! Thanks so much for posting the shots.


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