Cinnamon and Honey

Hey guys!
I discovered honey and cinnamon the other day when I was looking for something else to have apart from tea (Being from Kenya, tea is a big part of your life!)
I used this cinnamon:


I got this cinnamon from back home in Kenya, but I think any cinnamon should do. I got a little excited and put in two tablespoons of cinnamon and ended up having to pour it out as it felt like I was doing the cinnamon challenge! I then used two tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon. I looked it up, and turns out it’s been around for a long time (here I was thinking I could file a patent for my new discovery!) and there are so many health benefits from curing colds to arthritis this drink does it all! Try it out and let me know!

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24 thoughts on “Cinnamon and Honey

      1. I will let you know.. thanks for the advice… I am willing to try almost anything! I take a lot of good supplements, so this will just add to their benefits, I hope.


  1. I should tell my mom about it. She has Rhumatoid Athritis and the pills that they gave her gives her headaches. Thank you so much you have spared my mom from some pain. 😀 I am so happy. ;D


      1. About my mom. She has gotten a lot better. Htank you so much. you are a Life-Saver. She thanks you a million times. You have helped a great deal. We thank you so much.

        May God give you many blessings and may the wind always be at your back.
        -Shavon E.C.J. Menne


  2. This is definitely a winner in my book. I give it to my family when I hear coughing. It’s great because my kids can take it too. *I don’t remember the age, but kids under a certain age shouldn’t have honey. Ask a doctor before giving to young kids*

    If taken at the first sign of a cold, it will shorten the duration dramatically!


  3. Cinnamon is packed with so many antioxidants and it’s rich in nutrients too…who would’ve thunk! I just thought it was a nice garnish on cafe drinks and pastries, haha. Once I found out the nutritive value, I leave it on my countertop as a reminder to use it most days. It’s amazing all the foods that Mother Nature blesses us with to prevent & fight diseases. Thanks for the post. : )

    To read more about the nutritive value of this great spice, check out WH Foods (one of my fav websites to research food properties).


  4. I have 1 tsp. of honey and about a half teaspoon of cinnamon everyday… whether it be in my morning greek yogurt or on peanut butter and toast. I have not had a cold for over two years now! I say it is because of the special combo!! I am enjoying your blog! And how did you make the button for The Daily Post Blogging University? I have done it as well and was wondering… We may have learned along the way…but I forget easily!


    1. That’s a really goof idea Nancy!:-) I never know how to get creative with Greek yogurt, but I’ll definitely try that out!:-)
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!:-) The button was in one of the challenges, I can’t remember which one, but you can insert it using a widget by going to:
      Dashboard>Appearance>Widgets and copy this link:

      I hope that helps.:-)


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