Night market

Hey guys!
I got to go to Pasar Malam which is a night market, it happens at different times depending on what part of the country you’re in for example in Cheras it happens on Wednesday nights and in Puchong on Friday nights. I was amazed at just how fresh everything is, and just how cheap things are!

At around 6:30 the place was pretty packed even though they’ll only be closing at midnight.


When I said cheap I meant it!:-) plus some places were selling an entire carton of tomatoes for less than USD 4!:-)


Waiting for a bus to get back home.

You can get everything from meat, fruits, vegetables, duvets, accessories and even have dinner as you shop.:-)
Also, they open at around 5:00 p.m but you’re better off going after 6:30 p.m when everyone has set up!:-)

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