Times Square!

Hey guys!
Went to tines square today!:-) took the train from KL sentral monorail to Imbi train station and it cost me less than USD 40 cents, and all you have to do is cross the road to get there!:-)
Times Square is ridiculously cheap, with sales going on non-stop (who doesn’t love a sale?!) shop outlets are from first floor to about 5th/6th floor depending on what you’re buying. On 3rd floor I spotted this little remake of central park:


It basically covers the centre part of the floor.
On the way out, check out this interesting world record that I spotted:


The world’s largest capsule vending machine!
I wanted to check it out, like see how it works but from the velvet ropes you can tell that you can only get so close to it (darn it!)

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